A brahmin of Takkasilā, who killed King Dhanananda and placed Candagutta on the throne (Mhv.v.16f.; Mbv.98). In his youth Cānakka looked after his mother, and finding that she was worrying lest he, who was destined for kingly power, should leave her, he broke his tooth, having been told that there his luck resided. One day, on going for alms to Dhanananda's palace, he was insulted, and in order to avenge the insult he kidnapped the king's son, Pabbatakumāra. He then adopted Candagutta and, finding him better fitted for kingship than Pabbata, he contrived that the latter should be killed. When preparations had been made, he induced Candagutta to rise in revolt against Dhanananda, and, finally, to kill him and ascend the throne. (See MT.181ff for details, also Candagutta).

The Theragāthā Commentary (i.440) states that Tekicchāni's father, Subandhu, roused the jealousy of Cānakka, who had him put in prison.

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