1. Cakkhu Sutta.-Preached to Rāhula at Jetavana. The Buddha shows him how the eye and all the other senses are fleeting and lead to unhappiness. The well-taught disciple should, therefore, be repelled by the senses. S.ii.244, also 249.

2. Cakkhu Sutta.-The eye and all the other senses are impermanent. He who has faith in these doctrines, or has seen them moderately with his insight, is assured of perfection; he who has realised them is a stream-winner, bound for enlightenment. S.ii.225.

3. Cakkhu Sutta.-In the arising and the rebirth of the eye lies the origin of suffering, disease, decay and death; so also with the other senses. The cessation of these states is brought about by the cessation in the birth of the senses. S.iii.228.

4. Cakkhu Sutta.-The desire and lust arising in the eye and in the other senses mean corruption of the heart. By putting away such corruption can the truth be realised. S.iii.232.

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