This is given as the title of the four hundred and forty-first Jātaka and it is there stated that it will be described in the Punnaka Jātaka (J.iv.14).

No such separate Jātaka exists and it is, probably, another name for the Vidhurapandita Jātaka, which, in its present form, seems to be a conglomeration of various legends which were once separate stories, each with its own title. The Catuposathika Jātaka was evidently one such story, which was later included in the Vidhura Jātaka, as its first section, and came to be known as the Catuposathikakhanda (see below) of that Jātaka.

The first stanza of the Catuposathika Jātaka is quoted in the Catuposathika-khanda.

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