Preached at Jetavana. The Buddha explains to the assembled monks the six "sixes" - e.g., the six internal senses (hearing etc.), the six external sense-objects (form etc.), the six groups of perceptions (sight and forms, hearing and sounds, etc.), and the six groups of cravings (M.iii.280ff).


The Commentary (MA.ii.1024f) says that, apart from the sixty monks who became arahants when the Buddha first preached the sutta, on each occasion of its preaching, by the Chief Disciples and by the eighty chief disciples, a like number attained arahantship. In Ceylon, Maliyadeva Thera preached it at sixty different places, and each time sixty monks became arahants. Once, when Tipitaka-Cūlanāga preached it at the Ambilahālavihāra, one thousand monks attained to arahantship (MA.ii.1025).

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