1. Channa Sutta.-Records the visit of Channa paribbājaka to Ananda, at Sāvatthi. He asks Ananda why the Buddha preaches the abandonment of rāga, dosa, moha; Ananda explains and Channa goes away satisfied (A.i.215f).

2. Channa Sutta.-Channa Thera goes from cell to cell in the monastery at Isipatana, asking the Elders to teach him the Dhamma. Finding that their teachings do not help him in getting rid of craving, he visits Ananda at the Ghositārāma. Ananda praises Channa for his new-found humility, and repeats to him a sermon which he (Ananda) had heard the Buddha preach to the monk Kacchānagotta, dealing with the paticcasamuppāda.

Channa expresses his delight with the exposition of Ananda (S.iii.132ff). The Commentary (SA.ii.231f) says that this account refers to Channa, the companion of the Buddha. After the infliction on him of the Brahmadanda, he was greatly affected, and wandered from place to place. In the course of these wanderings he came to Benares.

3. Channa Sutta.-Records the incidents in connection with the suicide of Channa Thera (Channa 2). S.iv.55f; SA.iii.12; cf. M.iii.263ff.

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