1. Konda˝˝a.-The second of the twenty-four Buddhas.

The Bodhisatta was a king, Vijitāvī of Candavatī. He left his kingdom, joined the Order and was later reborn in the Brahma-world. Bu.iii.; BuA.107ff; J.i.30.


2. Konda˝˝a.-The name of a gotta.


It was evidently common to both brahmans and khattiyas, for we find the brahman A˝˝āta-Konda˝˝a belonging to it, and elsewhere (E.g., VibbA.464) it is mentioned as a khattiyagotta.

Among those mentioned as belonging to the Konda˝˝a-gotta are:

In the Kacchapa Jātaka (J.ii.360f) it is said that tortoises are of the Kassapa-gotta and monkeys of the Konda˝˝a-gotta, and that between these two classes there is intermarriage. 

3. Konda˝˝a.-The name of the apprentice in the Vārunī Jātaka.


4. Konda˝˝a.-See also A˝˝āta-Konda˝˝a, Vimala-Konda˝˝a and Khānu-Konda˝˝a.

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